1234 North Avenue Luke Lane
South Bend, IN 360001

The A Group was founded with entrepreneurs, start-ups, and businesses with specific growth goals in mind. We are an innovative business consulting firm that offers comprehensive services to a very diverse group of clients: providing resources, assessment, sustainable solutions, implementation, training, on-going support, education, and events for specific end results. Whether it is staffing and training your sales department or providing a strategy to roll out new products or services, we have solutions.  Our approach to each client’s need is results driven with proven methodologies from experts with profound insights and years of experience.

We are just as pleased when we increase a Fortune 500 company’s front and bottom line as we are when we see that spark in the eye of an entrepreneur when we have taken their concept to consumer and solidified them as a business owner.

Our commitment to community is one of many things that set us apart from our competitors.  Hosting ”Young Entrepreneurs Camps” and other community events that encourage, empower, and educate our youth on the basics of business and finance, remains our most fulfilling contribution to the business world yet. We understand the importance of investing in our youth and community.

Core Values

◊ Integrity ◊ Innovation ◊ Community ◊ Education ◊ Sustainability ◊ Relationships ◊ Results


If you have a problem we have a solution. If you have an idea we have an execution strategy. If you have a goal, we have a method to reach that goal.


We foster relationships between our clients and investors.  With a network of eager angel investors and a diverse portfolio of businesses seeking funding, we take pride in bridging the gap..


Over the years, some of our biggest accomplishments have been in the community. We educate and empower youth in the areas of financial literacy, general business knowledge and marketing